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Department of Case Taking & Repertory

Repertory is an index to the symptoms of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, which is arranged in a systematic way with the corresponding medicines with or without gradation which helps in the easy and quick selection of similimum.

The subject is taught in the final year. Syllabus includes Case taking, Symptomatology, various types of Repertory, Kent repertory, Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book, Boger’s Boenninghausen’s repertory. History, Physiology, plan,& construction of these repertories along with modern & clinical repertory are included.

The department has got many repertories for demonstration to the students, card repertory for demonstration, various charts, as well as computers and software’s which are taught in the practical classes.

Students are divided into batches for clinical classes where they repertories the cases with the help of book repertory & also computer repertory.

Department of repertory also conducts seminars once in a month which improves students confidence.