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history of homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is a science of dynamized micro-immunology based on the law of analogy.

It is a system of therapeutics which is internationally accepted and is being practiced in india had officially accepted it as an effective and potential system of medicine in 1973 through the parliament by enacting homoeopathy central council act 1973. It was than decided by the government of India that homoeopathy should contribute towards the development of national health services in the country. At the 9th joint conference of central council of health and central council of family welfare it was decided to harness the homoeopathic system of medicine along with the Indian system of medicine after considering the effectiveness and the better potential and created and expectation of positive role of homoeopathy in achieving the national goal of “Health for all by year 2000A.D.”

For achieving the above goal and for better service to the suffering humanity on national panorama the central government and state governments have given recognition and permission to open regular and full time teaching institutions of homoeopathy throughout India.

With an air of thought in achieving the national goal “Health for all by year 2000A.D.” through homoeopathy, a few enthusiastic devotees of homoeopathy formed a charitable trust on 16.07.1993 and named it Shree ShamalajiArogyaSeva Trust.

This trust pledged to open a unique Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Godhra which would be a priced jewel of Gujarat, not only at the national but at the international arena also.

The objects of this college is to provide for, and to propagate education and research in the field of Homoeopathy and Bio-Chemistry and to collect and disseminate in such fields effective ideas, methods, techniques and information as are likely to promote and propagate Homoeopathic Science and Treatment in India.

The aim of this college is to produce able homoeopaths for the service of suffering humanity.